Priority Test

We often get in situations when we take decisions without a second thought and this is the right moment to find out what type of person we are.

What would you do first if you were in a situation where:

The baby is crying.
The clothes are hanging outside and it has started to rain.
The water is running from the tap.
The doorbell is ringing.
The phone is ringing.

Think about what you will do first, then second and so on. Scroll down to see the explanation.

Each action reflects the priorities that you have set in your life. Take a look at the following table to see which priority corresponds to which action.


Action Priority
Attend the phone Career and job
See who is at the door Friends and relatives
Pick up the clothes Sex
Attend the baby Family
Switch the tap off Wealth

For example if the first thing that you did was to answer the phone then your biggest priority in life would be your career and job. Similarly if the fourth thing that you did was to attend to the baby then your fourth priority would be your family.


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