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  • Sensor-packed smartphones can read your mood, guard your data, and wreak havoc in the wrong hands

  • Master gene regulatory pathway revealed as key target for therapy of aggressive pediatric brain cancer

  • First portable system for monitoring patients with Parkinson's disease tested on 50 people from different countries

  • Cyberbystanders: Most don't try to stop online bullies

  • Sobering effect of the love hormone

  • Cross-cultural communication: Much more than just a linguistic stretch

  • Decline in smoking rates may increase lung cancer mortality due to inadequate screening guidelines

  • Unique emotion recognition treatment leads to significant improvement in children with high-functioning autism

  • Teen girls from rural areas more likely to have undiagnosed asthma, be depressed

  • 24 hour news amnesia: How swiftly the public forgets murderers and their victims

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