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  • Reducing just six risk factors could prevent 37 million deaths from chronic diseases over 15 years

  • Using substances at school may be cry for help

  • Nightmares may signal a child is being bullied

  • Discrimination associated with mental health woes in black teens: Racism a common 'toxic stressor'

  • Why gay, lesbian teens binge drink: Stressful experiences, such as victimization and homophobia, linked to heavy episodic drinking

  • Lower verbal test score for toddlers who play non-educational games on touch screens

  • Nearly 50 percent of physicians believe diversion of ADHD stimulant medications among teens is a problem

  • Preliminary clinical study results show improvement in MS symptoms

  • The big bad wolf was right: Among wasps, bigger eyes evolved to better see social cues

  • MRI shows disrupted connections in brains of young people with ADHD

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