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  • Earlier palliative care improves quality of life, patient satisfaction, cancer study shows

  • More educated people from wealthier areas, women, those with no religious affiliation more likely to choose assisted suicide

  • Gene sequencing project discovers common driver of a childhood brain tumor

  • Patients with oropharyngeal cancer report quality of voice, speech affected post-treatment

  • Cortisol: Stress hormone linked to frailty

  • Neuron-generating brain region could hold promise for neurodegenerative therapies

  • Concussion researchers document pre-injury 'normal'

  • Multilevel approach to coping with stigmas may help relieve many health issues

  • Peer pressured to 'sext:' Study shows that teens who sext are influenced by peer dynamics

  • Greece's deepening health crisis a result of continued healthcare budget cuts, says study

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