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  • Schizophrenia: Gathering clues to rare gene variants contributing to disease

  • Dishonesty and creativity: Two sides of the same coin?

  • Aging men: More uplifts, fewer hassles until the age of 65-70

  • Daily Humidification of Mouth, Throat Region During Radiation Therapy for Head, Neck Cancer Reduces Mucositis, Hospitalization

  • Mutant-Allele Tumor Heterogeneity (MATH) in head, neck squamous cell carcinoma patients is effective marker, along with HPV status, of improved patient outcome

  • Limiting Radiation to Major Salivary Glands in Head, Neck Cancer Patients Is Feasible, Safe

  • Oropharyngeal cancer patients report benefit in salivary function with reduction of radiation dose to bilateral IB lymph nodes

  • Meet your match: Using algorithms to spark collaboration between scientists

  • The way a room is lit can affect the way you make decisions

  • Human and dog brains both have dedicated 'voice areas'

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