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  • Binge eating curbed by deep brain stimulation in animal model

  • People care about source of money, attach less value to 'tainted' wealth

  • Anti-smoking ads with strong arguments, not flashy editing, trigger part of brain that changes behavior

  • Anatomy of a blast: Researchers develop sensor system to assess the effects of explosions on soldiers

  • Alzheimer's researchers creating 'designer tracker' to quantify elusive brain protein, provide earlier diagnosis

  • Sensor system assesses effects of explosions on soldiers

  • Use of anti-epileptic drug during pregnancy associated with increased risk of autism

  • Binge drinking in college can lead to heart disease later in life

  • 'How' often is more important than 'why' when describing breakups

  • Doctors-in-training spend very little time at patient bedside, study finds

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