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  • Omega-3 lipid emulsions markedly protect brain after stroke in mouse study

  • Fish oil component reduces brain damage in newborns, mouse study suggests

  • People with disabilities at greater risk of violence and subsequent mental ill-health

  • Biological marker of dyslexia discovered: Ability to consistently encode sound undergirds the reading process

  • Bilingual children have a better 'working memory' than monolingual children

  • Antioxidants in your diet may not reduce risk of stroke or dementia, study suggests

  • Bullied children can suffer lasting psychological harm as adults

  • Background checks, permanent records needed for all firearm transfers, not just gun sales by retailers, experts urge

  • Signaling pathway linked to fetal alcohol risk: Molecular switch promises new targets for diagnosis and therapy

  • Trustworthy mating advice deepens bond between straight women and gay men

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