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  • Echolocation: Blind people have the potential to use their 'inner bat' to locate objects, study finds

  • Link between childhood ADHD and obesity revealed in first long-term study

  • One in 10 teens using 'study drugs,' but parents aren't paying attention

  • Ketamine shows significant therapeutic benefit in people with treatment-resistant depression

  • For combat veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, 'fear circuitry' in the brain never rests

  • Individuals who drink heavily and smoke may show 'early aging' of the brain

  • College women exceed NIAAA drinking guidelines more frequently than college men

  • Youth who have their first drink during puberty have higher levels of later drinking

  • Now we know why old scizophrenia medicine works on antibiotics-resistant bacteria

  • New approach to improving treatment for MS and other conditions

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