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  • Epilepsy cured in mice using brain cells

  • Childhood disability rate jumps 16 percent over past decade

  • Cyberbullying rampant among high school students: Nearly one-third of youths also report playing video/computer games for more than 3 hours a day

  • Camaraderie of sports teams may deter bullying, violence

  • Study adds to evidence that cigarettes are gateway to marijuana

  • Experts to focus on the science of gun safety

  • Don't txt n drive: Teens not getting msg: 43 percent of youths admit to texting while driving

  • 90 percent of pediatric specialists not following clinical guidelines when treating preschoolers with ADHD

  • High-resolution diffusion MRI can help map the microstructure of the trigeminal nerve, improve treatment options for trigeminal neuralgia sufferers

  • Adderall abuse as final exam study aid 'trending' on East Coast

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