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Personality Polls

You can just swear that something you're going through now has actually happened to you before precisely the same way. Deja vu: Have you ever experienced it?
1 Yes I have
2 No I haven't

Mirror mirror on the wall... How many times per day do you check your appearance in mirrors?
1 1-3
2 4-6
3 More
Do you find it hard to get up early in the morning?
1 Yes
2 No

People say that it's biologically determined who is an early riser and who isn't. Do you believe so?
1 Yes
2 No

Singin' in the rain: Do you sing while taking showers?
1 Never. Not me. 
2 At times it slips out of me.
3 Oh yes, loud, proud, often

I'd be tempted to cheat if there wasn't the slightest chance on earth that I'd get caught by my partner
1 Definitely 
2 Possibly
3 Not likely
4 Never

People are
1 Essentially good with a few exceptions
2 Evil with a few exceptions
3 There's all sorts

How many of you believe that opposites attract?
1 I am more attracted to someone who is similar to me. 
2 I am more attracted to someone who is fairly different from me.

How do you send the message that you want someone to ask you out?
1 Pay extra attention when he/she talks and laugh at the right times. 
2 Touch him/her often. 
3 Talk to his/her friends and let the word pass through the grapevine. 

Our personalities:
1 are shaped at birth
2 are shaped by the time we are 8 years old
3 are shaped by the time we are 16
4 change constantly