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Emotional intelligence

Discover an assortment of quotes that offer a comprehensive view on emotional intelligence, from the complexities of individual emotions to the dynamics of empathy and interpersonal relationships. These selected quotes provide thought-provoking reflections on how we perceive, interpret, and manage our own emotions as well as understand the emotions of others. Whether you're interested in fostering internal harmony or enhancing your ability to connect with those around you, these quotes serve as valuable landmarks in the journey towards emotional mastery.

Harmonized mind

"Emotional intelligence begins to develop when we can think and feel at the same time." – Brenda Davies

Brenda Davies, a psychiatrist and spiritual healer, emphasizes the harmony of cognition and emotion in this statement. She highlights that true emotional intelligence (EI) is not just about recognizing emotions but understanding and integrating them with cognitive processes.

Personality insights

Davies draws attention to the balance between feeling and thinking, asserting that real emotional awareness arises when these two faculties intertwine. This interplay suggests a mature emotional self, capable of both introspection and logical reasoning.

Big-Five traits perspectives

This quote resonates with high Agreeableness, particularly the facet of tender-mindedness, implying empathy and understanding. It also connects with high Emotional Stability, where one remains composed while processing emotions.

Jungian typological perspectives

The blending of feeling and thinking aligns with a balanced use of Ti (Introverted Thinking) and Fi (Introverted Feeling). Where Ti processes information internally and logically, Fi navigates the world of personal values and feelings.

Influential charisma

"The greatest ability in business is to get along with others and to influence their actions." – John Hancock

John Hancock, an American revolutionary leader and signer of the Declaration of Independence, accentuates the value of interpersonal skills in business settings. Here, he touches on the power of emotional intelligence in persuasion and building collaborative relationships.

Personality insights

Hancock underscores the significance of relational competency in professional spheres. He points out that technical prowess or knowledge, while important, may pale in comparison to the ability to influence and harmonize with peers.

Big-Five traits perspectives

This notion corresponds with high Extraversion, especially the facet of warmth, and high Agreeableness, particularly the facet of compliance, reflecting cooperation and avoidance of confrontation.

Jungian typological perspectives

The focus on interpersonal relations and influence aligns with Fe (Extraverted Feeling), which is attuned to external social dynamics and seeks to create harmonious interactions.

Unseen heart

"The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing." – Blaise Pascal

Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician, physicist, and theologian, delves into the deep-seated intuitions and feelings that often elude logical understanding. He touches upon the profound nature of emotions and their sometimes inexplicable essence.

Personality insights

Pascal emphasizes that emotions have their logic, often bypassing cerebral reasoning. He suggests an acceptance of this emotional realm, emphasizing the limitations of rationality in understanding every facet of human experience.

Big-Five traits perspectives

This sentiment aligns with high Openness to Experience, specifically the facet of emotionality, indicating an individual’s connection to their emotional life and awareness of their feelings.

Jungian typological perspectives

The idea that the heart, or emotions, has its logic outside of pure reason aligns with Fi (Introverted Feeling), which seeks to understand personal emotions and values, often distinct from external logical systems.

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