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Personality is a term which is used to describe behavior. It is generally defined as an individual's characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling and acting, across a wide range of situations. It is what makes people unique.

Personality tests focus on aspects of our preferences and developed habits. The importance of an individual's personal qualities and manner in which they interact with others is increasingly recognized. As a result the use of psychometric or psychological tests has grown enormously in the last few decades, so much so that if you apply for a job in a medium to large organization, the chances are three to one that you will be required to take a psychometric test at some stage during the selection process.

Here is a collection of short personality tests designed to measure individual aspects of your personality.

Brain dominance

The left and right side of your brain process information differently. By discovering your dominant side you will be able to locate your strengths and discover new learning strategies.

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Locus of control

Are you in control of your destiny? Find out if this is true and by how much. What is needed for you to start leaving less to chance?

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Extraversion vs Introversion

This scale analyzes your preferences and attitudes in dealing with people.

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Emotional reaction

The evidence supporting the importance of this personality factor in determining success at work is impressive. High scorers are generally more prone to feelings that are upsetting, such as guilt or sadness. Low scorers are more resistant, and relaxed under stressful conditions.

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