Maternal connections and dating violence

Teenagers who have positive connections with their mother are less likely to experience abusive relationships later on.

Maternal connections and dating violence
Maternal connections and dating violence

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  • Teens who have a warm and loving relationship with their mother avoid abusive relationships even when their parents are not getting along.
  • Affection, kindness, and acceptance are some qualities that a mother displays, which deter abusive relationships later in life.
  • The teenager/mother relationship serves as a buffer against conflict and promotes the child's feelings of self-worth.

“Children form internal working models about themselves and others based on the quality of their relationship with their parents. If the primary caretaker is abusive or inconsistent, children learn to view themselves as unlovable and others as hostile and untrustworthy. But positive parenting behaviors characterized by acceptance and warmth help children form positive internal working models of themselves as lovable and worthy of respect.” - Jennifer Livingston, PhD, lead investigator and associate professor in the UB School of Nursing.

Source: University at Buffalo